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"From the first time we started at SLS, Jessica developed a great relationship with our son Ryan. She is able to motivate Ryan to learn and understand with little effort. Their relationship while one where Jessica will push him, is filled with love. Ryan knows that he has to do the work she presents each session but she makes it fun so he is very engaged and attentive. She has also provided us with invaluable guidance at things we can work on outside of the sessions. Jessica stands out as a person who truly cares and will do what it takes to help a child excel. We are so happy we found the perfect place at SLS for Ryan’s speech and language needs."

Maureen Young (August 2018)

"Speech and Language Specialties has been an integral part of my son’s development over the last five years. Jessica Padula and her team of professional therapists have enriched his life and nurtured his potential. During this time, SLS has blossomed into a multidiscipline therapeutic practice and our son has benefited from Speech and Language, Music and Applied Verbal Behavior Therapy. SLS is much more than an office and a waiting room. It is a place where children are valued for the individuals that they are and their caregivers feel support, acceptance and belonging. Jessica has truly established a sense of community, where families can connect and learn from one another’s experiences."

Sally Brady (August 2016)


"My son Steven has been attending SLS for about four years now. He has learned how to engage in a conversation, ask questions of others and now he picks up personal information about people and uses this information to talk to people.  Social engagement had always been a struggle and we could not be happier in the progress he has made. He loves going every week and it has made a huge difference in his social skills. He now has a group of peers he feels connected to and this is a first. The staff at SLS will always incorporate any concern a parent is experiencing into the group lesson. We are very appreciative!" 

Diana Durr LISCW (January 2015)


"My son, age 10, has attended a social communication group co-led by Jessica and Christina for close to two years.  While he has participated in many different social groups over the years, this is the first group where he is truly internalizing what he is learning and applying the new skills and concepts across all areas of his life.  As parents, it has been amazing to see him learn and grow from this group.  I cannot say enough positive things about Jessica and Christina and the social communication group our son attends.  What he is learning here is making a huge impact on him and his life.   We so grateful for them and can’t thank them enough!

My husband and I were talking about if we ever moved, and one of the deciding factors was that it would have to be in a doable location so our son could still come to SLS.  =)  That pretty much sums it up!" 

Monica S. (April 2014)


"My son has been participating in a social communication group at Speech and Language Specialties for a little over a year.  In that time, I have seen a lot of growth and improvement in his ability to manage his emotions, as well as develop better social skills. Jessica and Christina are extremely knowledgeable about their field, and show great enthusiasm in their work with children.  In my son’s weekly social communication group, Jessica and Christina utilize a large repertoire of exercises that the kids really enjoy to help teach and reinforce social thinking. My son looks forward to attending his group, has made lots of friends there, feels accepted, and has learned so much.  I am so grateful to have found such supportive, caring and knowledgeable professionals to help my son." 

Parent (June 2014)


"My son Noah, 8, has had speech therapy at Speech & Language Specialties for over a year, most recently with Christina. Since he started there, he has made real progress. He has autism and was almost completely non-verbal when he started. Now he is making many more sounds and saying a lot of words. The team at SLS is very knowledgeable about how to teach children with severe speech difficulties and using the principals of ABA. They also spend time teaching the parents how to encourage speech at home and are willing to work with various technologies that may help communication. SLS has been great for Noah and our family." 

Valerie Franchi (January 2013)


“Speech & Language Specialties is the best!  Jessica Padula embodies all the wonderful characteristics it takes to work with children.  She is enthusiastic, caring, experienced professional and 100% committed to her job.  Jessica has been a wonderful influence on our two children.  They have learned a number of speech strategies to rely on to help them feel confident and successful.  We are very appreciative of the progress and contribution that she has made in our son and daughter's life and ours!!  Thank you, Jessica!” 

Parents (October 2012)


"My daughter, Katie, has been going to SLS for almost 2 years now, and I can't even begin to describe what a wonderful experience it has been for us. Jessica and Christina are so upbeat, fun, and positive. Just the perfect people to work with our kids. Every week Katie looks forward to attending her social group, and it is the only therapy she ever gets upset about missing, which says a lot! They have also gone above and beyond, offering us advice on school, and lending an understanding ear many times. We drive an hour each way to attend group, because they really are the best we have found anywhere! "

Jen Troester (March 2011)


"Jessica has been our son Matthew's speech therapist for over 6 years, and Christina joining his team for the last 4 years. Matthew has autism with severe deficit in communication… language doesn’t come naturally to him. When he first started working with Jessica he was able to say only a few single words… today he speaks in complete sentences, and he is a happy child because he is able to express his needs and desires. Christina’s high energy and motivation has added play and fun to the therapy sessions which makes Matthew very receptive and enthusiastic to learn. We highly recommend Speech and Language Specialties for any child who struggles with communication… they have the tools and the determination to help your child succeed."

Joe and Georgeana Frias (December 2010)

“Joshua has been receiving speech services for several years now, and we find he really looks forward to working with Jessica each week. During this time, we have seen a dramatic improvement in his speech, as well as his social skills. As parents of a young autistic child we recommend her highly.”

Alan & Terry (June 2008)


“You’re remarkable! we are so pleased with the progress Sam has made in speech therapy. You seem to have a never ending repertoire of activities that make learning so much fun. In such a short time (and a lot of hard work!) Sam’s speech has become much more intelligible. Your knowledge and genuine enthusiasm for teaching has helped Sam master his goals! We can’t thank you enough for your support.”

Jodi & Kevin (August 2007)


“I want the best for my son, and will work hard to get him what he needs. At Speech and Language Specialties, Jessica made that very easy for me. She does it all; having fun while your child is learning, she is also very supportive with parents regarding education and counseling for their child. We are talking about the most precious thing I have, my child, and his life, as well as my family’s life. That's why I trust Speech and Language Specialties.”

Simone F. (January 2006)