Playtime Connections 1

Program Basis

We teach our clients how to be more successful in social settings. Participants will acquire the social skills they need to interact with others as well as the ability to think socially


At SLS, we teach the thoughts behind the social skills, helping our clients to see how their actions and behaviors influence others. Many of the concepts and activities we use in therapy are based on the work of award-winning experts in the areas of Social Thinking ® and social communication, including Michelle Garcia Winner and Leah Kuypers (The Zones of Regulation ®) as well as incorporate language enriched activities that will break down and teach abstract social-thinking to students.




Social Communication Therapy Groups will focus on:

Thinking Thoughts and Feeling Feelings

The Group Plan

Thinking with Your Eyes

Body in the Group

Whole Body Listening


School Year Dates: 2018 - 2019

Fall/Winter Semester begins September 4th- January11th

Winter/Spring Semester - Janaury 21st - June 7th

18 Week Sessions – Meets once a week




Age range from 3 to 6 years

Group placement based on child’s individual skill level

Group size maximum of 6 students



Speech & Language Specialties Inc.

364 Boston Turnpike Road, Suite 1A

Shrewsbury, MA 01545



Co-Treatment by Experienced Professionals Trained in:

Speech-Language Pathology, Applied Behavior Analysis/Verbal Behavior, and Fundamentals of Social Thinking ® by Michelle Garcia Winner


For further information please contact us at:

508-757-6981 or