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Executive Function Coaching


    Children who have poor executive functioning, including many with ADHD, are more disorganized than other kids. They might take an extraordinarily long time to get dressed or become overwhelmed with doing simple chores around the house. Schoolwork can become a nightmare because they regularly lose papers or start long term projects the night before they are due. Executive functions include the ability to initiate, plan and organize, set goals, solve problems, regulate emotions, and monitor behavior. Because these skills play a role in all most aspects of life, Executive Function deficits can hamper a child academically, socially and emotionally.


                                                             Individual Sessions or Groups Sessions will focus on:


                                                                                                                                                     Emotional Regulation

Decision Making

Understanding the Passage of Time

Teaching Forethought: Predict the Outcome

Being able to Switch between Situations

Execution and Goal Attainment


Call for further information and to set up an intake 508-757-6981